The club is affiliated to British Cycling (the governing body for the sport and the only Cycling Club in the area to become a 'Go-Ride' Club).

Anyone is welcome to come along and take part in club events. We recommend that you try riding around the track a few times before racing. The track is open all the time. You can have a go at actual racing before joining the club, but you will need to get a consent form completed if you are under 16. Better still, bring your parents along.

Gate Practice and Coaching

We appreciate your support in attending these sessions and we do try to provide gate practice when possible, but not always guaranteed.

Club meetings

1st Thursday in every month at 7pm.  New Venue - Telford Hornets Rugby Club, Hinkshay, Dawley TF4 3NZ

Please remember:

Any BMX or MTB can be used at Club level, but it must be in a safe condition, have a working rear brake and any protruding accessories removed. A Full-face helmet and gloves must be worn, together with a full length top and trousers. It is also a recommended to have bike pads, and wear extra body protection. For the safety of all riders, these rules must be strictly adhered to when participating in Club events.